About Us

Kids taking photos with paper shoot cameras

“I wanted to make a camera that can change the world, that can help the earth and make people love cameras—like I do,” George Lin, Creator of Paper Shoot Cameras.

"Point & Shoot, Less is more" is our main concept of our branding. So we make the most simple and beautiful camera and combine with fashion, eco-friendly and charity into this life style digital camera.

Paper Shoot Cameras are constructed out of eco-friendly stone paper. It looks like a film camera but is actually digital, able to store up to 128 GB of photos in a cleverly hidden SD card. Users can customise the electronic body with interchangeable pop-art-inspired covers and a variety of lenses. Photos taken using the four distinct filters— vintage, sepia, black and white and blue—come out with a film-like quality but without film’s high price tag and environmental impact.

Paper Shoot Thailand
Launched officially on 1 September 2022.