What is the difference between all the Paper Shoot cameras?

The camera boards across all the models are identical, meaning they come with the exact same resolution and features.

Some models are priced higher because there are additional accessories, such as 2 lenses and SD card included in the package.

You can check what’s included with your camera in the “Accessories Included” tab on our product page!

How long does the Paper Shoot camera last?

The Paper Shoot camera is built to last as long as any other piece of technology!

With proper care, it will last years. They are highly durable, and some models are even water-resistant and okay to be dropped due to the shock-absorbent nature of our stone paper casing!

Can I customize my Paper Shoot case?

For large orders of customised cameras, please contact us at papershootcamera.th@gmail.com

For individually customised cameras, we do not currently offer custom prints as an option for individuals. However, we offer a blank camera design for DIY. You can paint, draw, colour or even put on stickers on your very own Paper Shoot case!


Why wouldn't I use my phone?

Using your phone to take photos is an extremely convenient. Tons of people love using Paper Shoot specifically because they don’t want to be on their phones so much.

It allows us to take a much-needed break from our screens while still having the ability to capture memories and live in the moment.

Why wouldn't I use a disposable or film camera?

Just like choosing to use your phone to take photos, using a disposable or film camera is a personal choice.

What draws people to Paper Shoot over disposables particularly is their added features of additional filters, video and timelapse, and the cost - the Paper Shoot is a one-time, completely reusable purchase that allows you to take unlimited photos with no developing or printing needed.

Disposables, on the other hand, average between 1,000 baht a camera, plus 800 baht developing for only 27 photos! You’d only need to go through 3-4 disposable cameras to make up for the price of one Paper Shoot, which you’ll have for years and can take as many photos as you want!


How does the Paper Shoot camera work?

The Paper Shoot is entirely digital! It runs on AAA rechargeable alkaline batteries and an SD card up to 128GB.

Using the USB cable that comes with your camera, you can recharge your camera whenever, as well as continually empty and reuse your SD card, meaning you can take unlimited photos.

How do I turn on my Paper Shoot camera?

You don't need to turn on/off the Paper Shoot camera. It is always on stand-by mode. Just press the shutter button and it will start taking photo immediately.

How do I access my photos?

You can access your photos by plugging either your SD card or USB cable directly into your computer or through an adapter, or you can use a WIFI SD card to transfer your photos wirelessly.

How do I use the filters?

The Paper Shoot camera comes with 4 filters in order - Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, and Cool tone.

You can switch between these filters by toggling the filter switch on the back of the camera. 

How do I take a video and a time-lapse video on my Paper Shoot camera?

To take a video on your Paper Shoot camera, plug it into a portable charger, switch to the third filter (Sepia), and press the shutter button. It will take a 10-second video!

To take a timelapse, repeat the same steps but switch to the fourth filter (Cool). Let your camera take photos for 30 minutes for a 10 second timelapse!

How do I choose batteries?

Please use 2 AAA alkaline batteries for your Paper Shoot camera.

We highly recommend using the rechargeable ones, as they are better quality and cost effective in the long run. Please charge your batteries for at least 3-4 hours before using.

How to update the time of my Paper Shoot camera?

To update the time of the Paper Shoot camera, you will need to do it with a computer. This method will only work with the 18MP or later models. Please do the following steps :

For PC user

1. Click here to download the PstTimeSync app.

2. Connect Paper Shoot camera with a PC USB port. You can leave your SD card inserted in your camera.

3. Click on “PaperShootTimeSync_win.exe” to start update.

4. With the “Press any key to continue . . .” message appears on the pop-up window, your camera time date is updated.

5. Unplug USB and take a few photo like you normally do. Plug-in again to check your photo file time stamp is correct.

Note : If the camera does not have any power for more than a day, the time will be reset. Please repeat the steps.

For Mac user

1. Click here to download the PstTimeSync app.

2. Remove SD card from your camera.

3. Connect the camera with Mac through USB (USB adapter maybe needed depending on your Mac model).

4. Click the PstTimeSync.dmg file to update time date. It will run the sync automatically, and once it’s complete, it will show “Time Sync successfully” inside the pop up window.

5. Insert SD card, take a photo, connect with your Mac again, and check if the photo file time date is correct.


1. If you see this warning, it means that the app was not signed, please follow the steps to safely open PstTimeSync app on your Mac.

2. In System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click General and click the Open Anyway button in the General panel to confirm your intent to open the app.

3. Retry the PstTimeSync app then the Time-Setting is finished.

4. Make sure SD card is removed from camera and try the installation steps again.

Note : If the camera does not have any power for more than a day, the time will be reset. Please repeat the steps.


Why doesn't my Paper Shoot camera work?

Basically, there are two main issues that cause this problem :

1) SD Card
2) Battery

You will notice it when you hear an abnormal sound and see the following light indicator at the back of the camera :

[SD Card Issue]
Left LED light
It indicates that there is a problem with the SD Card. Please reformat the SD card with your computer. Kindly do not use SD card that exceeds 64GB.

[Battery Issue]
Right light or Both LED lights
It indicates that there is no power. Please charge the batteries for at least 30 minutes before use.